Hey everyone, and welcome! My name is Taylor and I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama and currently attend the University of West Florida in Pensacola! 

I believe confidence outlines your personal assessment of self-worth. To me, confidence is knowing your value and conveying that through your attitude & actions everyday. Confidently Taylored is my twist on building confidence and being a positive role model for both girls and young women. I truly believe you can establish confidence in every aspect of your life and I live by just that! 

With this in mind, I wanted to start a confidence blog. I am not sure if this is an actual topic to blog about, but I write content that I think is valuable and serves readers on a journey to be, unapologetically, THEMSELVES.

More about me:

I graduated this past December with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with minors in Marketing and Hospitality. I love love love my degree, and I believe it shows in my everyday life. I recently got accepted into grad school, here at UWF, for Strategic Communication & Leadership – woot woot! I, in no way consider myself an expert in my field, but one day hope to be!

I love living at the beach – salt water is just good for your skin, hair and soul. I really enjoy reading, writing, being outside, shopping, cooking, traveling, hosting and most importantly, being around my friends and family – I have a huge family and group of friends who are undoubtedly my biggest support system! I love Jesus; my faith and values are the cornerstone of my happiness, ambition and self-worth.

My favorite time is morning – I honestly wish every meal could be brunch #sundayfunday. I enjoy the simple things in life: dessert, candles, fuzzy socks, tea, laughing out loud, wine, dinner with a view, a walk outdoors, and my (maybe boring list) can go on! I like talking to people and being social, but I also enjoy being a homebody watching hulu (don’t we all??)

I think my best quality is my positivity. I look on the bright side of most situations and I consider that a strength in my day to day. I value positive experiences, relationships and try to gain the most out of life – appreciating the little things and always striving to be my best self!

The story behind Confidently Taylored:

The idea of blogging for me, was out of my league. It was not until one of my very best friends got me hooked on Happy Days, that the idea of blogging even entered my mind. What is a Happy Days you ask? My senior year of college I created Tees100HappyDays  – an Instagram account with the sole purpose of showcasing one aspect of gratitude every day for 100 days. It was so simple and truly became the highlight of my day! Unexpectedly, I got a lot of positive feedback and encouragement. It not only brought joy into my life, but encouraged others to do the same! From this, it got me thinking of ways I could continue this spread of good will and valuable, positive content!  

Confidently Tailored made its debut August 1, 2017.  It really should have launched earlier, but I was so hung up on the naming process. Every article I read about starting a site emphasized not to focus on naming it – to just bite the bullet and run. But, being the planner / perfectionist I am, on top of having a marketing mindset, branding was something I was, not only excited about, but wanted to put a lot of time towards.

After throwing ideas around for a few months, my sister was the one that finally came up with the name and I loved it for two reasons. 1. I love play-on puns (“Taylor”ed v tailored) 2. how both related to my goal of this site. Tailored / Taylored: made to fit per individual or custom. I hope the content I write not only provides confidence in one or any aspects of life, but is unique and tailored, to each reader! Enjoy!

Be confidently you,



Resume, HERE!

Hate reading? Check out my YouTube Channel, HERE!


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