Self Care 101: Challenge your Thoughts

Hi friends, I hope you are having a great start to your week!

Back again with part two of my self care train: challenging your thoughts. More importantly, training your mind to acknowledge thoughts, both positive and negative, without always accepting them as fact. This five step process, taught by the same professional as my last post on recharging, is a very similar concept to meditation. Instead of latching on to every new idea or thought, in addition to the corresponding emotion, you are able to watch them pass like clouds and determine which ones are worth your attention.

With so much crazy going on in my life right now, this has truly come in handy and I’ve been using this quick self check religiously over the past few weeks. Not going to lie, it takes self discipline and honestly to know when you’re going down a rabbit hole, but I feel like my positivity has lifted tremendously because of it so far!

Have you ever heard the saying, comparison is the thief of joy? (all my consultant buddies are laughing right now) Sometimes our mind can be our own worst enemy and we subconsciously add blinders to our negative thoughts. We end up seeing our negativity as reality instead of trusting what is right in front of us. Our brain seems to think black and white, when the world around us is… well gray.

Now I am not saying to not be upset, by any means. We are all entitled to our feelings, but if you are sometimes uncomfortable with your emotional response or self doubt, as yourself these five questions:

Step 1: What is the negative thought that keeps bugging me?

Step 2: What evidence do I have for and against this thought? If this were true, why would it be true? If it were false, why would it be false?

Step 3: What advice would you give your close friend who is thinking this same thought?

Step 4: Is this thought helping me in a positive way?

Step 5: What is a different thought I could have? TIP: Be realistic with yourself and your circumstance because you want to invest and buy into this new idea of yours. Arrive at this new re-framed thought, and hold onto it. Practice it daily and workout your brain!

That’s it! Simple, but oh so helpful when realizing how your thoughts can affect your self-esteem. SO REMEMBER THE NEWS I WANTED TO SHARE???? I AM MOVING TO BOSTON FOR EIGHT MONTHS!!!! I am so scared, but so excited, so if there are any people that know how to live in snow… help a Florida girl out! #ParkaLife

Be confidently you,



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