5 Tips to Control the Clutter

Spending the weekend alone comes with it’s perks! Instead of my typical Sunday funday brunching, I’ve ran errands, cleaned and got my booty to work one day early since I’ll be out of town as of Thursday morning. In addition to getting ish done, I’ve also been up-packing, organizing and cleaning from my recent move! Moving tips are very much in the works, but something much more prevalent this week is controlling the clutter I already have with a few tips I keep up my sleeve!

One in one out rule

This is a tough one, but it definitely holds me accountable to my terrible shopping obsession. Basically, every time I bring something into my closet, I take one thing out for Goodwill. How do I make sure this happens? I only keep enough hangers for exactly what I have. That way, I literally cannot hang something up without removing something else. I clearly shop like crazy person and it was annoying to have so many things in my closet that, I might love in theory, but have not worn in years. Getting rid of the “maybe I’ll fit into it one day” mentality honestly helped with my overall happiness too. I now walk into my closet with the mindset of “I have so many flattering options I love” instead of “half these things I’m not good enough to wear.” Also, since I live at the beach and bathing suites are just as much a staple wardrobe piece as my shoes, I do the same things with these as well!

Check for expiration dates

Does anyone else have a fridge full of sauces????? I did not even realize how fast things like ranch and BBQ sauce expire. Checking expiration dates once a month helps tremendously with fridge door clutter! (Can you tell I’m trying to spin my three day, sweat filled, move into something positive? Haha) Same thing with spices when it comes to the kitchen!

Use up the old

Again, I didn’t really start doing this until the new year. In my efforts to try to live a more simple, clutter free life, I tackled every girls worst nightmare… beneath the bathroom sink. If your’s is anything like mine, it’s full of circa 2013 dirty Santa Bath and Body Works gifts, old razors, over the counter medication, and lord knows what else. I made a deal with myself that I had to either use this stuff up in order to get new products OR chunk it. You’d be astounded my the difference this made to my bathroom! After about four months of doing one of these two options, I now have only the things I use in my bathroom and tons of room to have fun organizers and pretty decor!

Organize important papers

Invest in a file folder or cabinet! I used to have papers EVERYWHERE. Notes to myself, things I wrote down, and important documents all mixed together – what a disaster! I caved and got a file folder where I put literally every important piece of paper I need: birth certificate, SS card, apartment lease, diploma, etc. Everything else… see ya! Every paper now has a place and if it’s not good enough for the folder, it becomes best friends with the trash!

Invest in decorative storage

Recently, I’ve given up my typical kindle and audible books for a good ol’ hard copy. This tip is clearly very specific and based on my guilty pleasure, but you can apply it to anything you love to buy in bulk! I have been overloading my Amazon cart with everything under the sun to fill up my summer with knowledge and I have had no idea what to do with them when I’m done. Obviously the right choice was the shove them all in my hall closet, right?? But really, where do you keep them?? Maybe this is a total millennial thing to say, but I decided to invest in a super cute book shelf for my living room to knock out two birds with one stone – cute and practical!

That’s it! How do you keep your clutter looking clean and chic? Any tricks up your sleeve to discipline yourself into not being a hoarder??? I’d love to hear from you! Regardless, I hope you all have a great week, happy Sunday and…

Be confidently you,



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