When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons – what an ironic yet fitting theme for the season.

For anyone that knows me, I am a control freak, a planner, a perfectionist and in charge, always. I’ll come clean because I’ve been that way my whole life and for the most part, I appreciate this side of myself because it has made me strong and determined. Only until I go against the one thing I have no control over, the one thing I’ll never fully understand and the one thing I have to humble myself down to and trust: that God knows what he is doing.

As much as I pretend I have control over my life and the things around me, this statement stands true: the only thing in life that never changes is that life is always changing. That God will continuously and undoubtably open new and unexpected doors that could lead to the happiest life you’ve ever lived. God will never take anything away without giving you something even better in return. He knows when something has served it’s purpose even if you aren’t ready. But believe me, he is always taking you to a more fulfilling destination even if the road there seems bumpy.

Sometimes I find myself in such a selfish state of mind – praying and praying for all the things I want in life, and being disappointed when they don’t go my way. But, God hears you. He is working hard and giving you exactly what you need in his own way – the way that’s also best for you. When I ask for happiness and suddenly drift from close friends or are denied opportunities, these are intentional. As much as I want him to scream from the skies directions to my best life, I have to accept and trust the path I am being guided towards. He’s always answering your questions, you just need to trust his answers.

This past semester my life has turned upside down from everything I thought it would be. I stayed when I thought I would go, I was denied when I thought I was accepted, I planned and my plans changed. It’s so bizarre how life works out for the best and even a day ago can seem like a life time when new opportunities present themselves. This semester I decided to trust the new and changing, taking on challenges and adventures I would have previously turned down for lack of comfort and security. This semester, I trust that God is on my side.

So when I say that life gives you lemons, embrace them graciously, willingly and confidently. Know that God always has a plan for you and that plan is always what’s best for you.

Be confidently you,



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