5 Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Happy Mother’s Day!

Although, I am not able to spend today with my mom, or step mom, D and I are suffering together, six hours away from our families over George’s breakfast (peep my brunch guide for more info on one of my favorite places to eat). If you’ve been keeping up, I am done with school for the next year – bittersweet. BUT with so much free time in the afternoon, I am looking forward to jumping into a better fitness routine that I desperately need in my day. With this in mind, I though I’d share what I did prior when I was super busy as a way to get moving when all I felt I did was work.


George’s Artisan Bakery: Pensacola, FL

Calf Raises

This is by far the easiest and one of my favorites. Mainly because I have skinny girl cankles as my dad likes to call them (my calves are so small they blend into my ankles lol). I do these when I brush my teeth, watch TV, cook or even during work at my desk!


Another workout you can pretty much do anywhere, especially on a chair. Any form of this works your arms like no other – try it and feel the burrrrnn.

Side Kicks

I love to do this while reading! Stand parallel, and isolate each leg by raising it to the side on repeat. Great exercise for the booty!


No, not on the ground. On surfaces like a table, a dresser, the back of a couch or an island. Lean in at an angle and let your body weight do the work!


There are so so so many forms of squats so I’d recommend Pinterest (forever my source of workouts) for the specifics lol. BUT free squats are great to tone when you don’t have a gym or time to dedicate to a full hour of exercise.


That’s it – FIRST FITNESS POST WOOH! Do you have any secret workouts you can do at school? The office? at a desk? I’d love to hear from you and again, happy Mother’s Day to all the fantastic mommas out there!

*Also, I have new VLOG POSTED from last weekend HERE!

Be confidently you,



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