4 AM Tips For Productivity Throughout Your Day

Good morning CT readers!

Just wanted to pop in and say hello – how was your weekend? This past Friday started a week long celebration for D’s graduation and I am so so so excited for a few reasons. 1. OUR FAMILIES ARE FINALLY MEETING 2. the weather has been phenomenal and gets me even more excited for summer and 3. I can finally meet D’s five month old nephew who is the cutest baby on the planet. Don’t believe me? Give Carter a follow on insta to see what I mean > Mr.CarterJames.

For anyone new here, I recently started a YouTube channel where I’ve been doing weekend vlogs, one in particular I talk about four tips for better morning productivity that I got from my favorite devotional, the Confident Woman Devotional. Obviously, I am a complete newby to making and recording videos so I thought I could better explain what I mean here:

Wake up with the sun.

Training myself to be a morning person was one of the best things I’ve done regarding my productivity throughout the day. Waking up before or with the sun and utilizing the peace and quiet that mornings bring allows time for god, gratitude, meditation, or whatever centers you before diving head first into the crazy.

Have a plan.

People that go into the day without a plan usually don’t get much accomplished. Take advantage of every second by having a plan whether it’s through a planner, mental check list, whatever the case, just having an idea of where you need to be and what you need to accomplish. Like I mentioned in the video, if god or life in general sways you off that path, go with it, but for the most part, at least have an idea. Two tips that I love: time blocking and the 7 priorities per day rule.

Do things well.

In addition to having an idea of what needs to be accomplished, making sure you are accomplishing these tasks well. Although I am sure no one loves every little thing they have to do throughout the day, going into each tasks with a positive attitude and the mindset of doing them 100% at least makes you proud of what you did, even if it wasn’t your favorite thing to do.

Be considerate of your time.

This was my favorite tip because I am such a “yes” man. Being considerate of the time you have weighted against your priorities helps balance what you say yes to. Making sure that you are putting your time and efforts into 1. things that are important to you or make you happy 2. things that move you one step further towards your goals 3. things that build quality in your life instead of monotonous tasks (quantity) that move you nowhere.

That’s it – I kind of skimmed the surface of this topic, so if you’d like a more detailed post or just liked this post in general, leave me a comment below! Otherwise, I hope you have a great and PRODUCTIVE week. Do you have any tips for staying on your grind? I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,



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