8 Beach Accessories You Need This Summer

It’s almost summer!!! (Well summer vaycay for all my fellow students)

This month as has been INSANE! I honestly might make a whole post about things I’ve learned in grad school because it’s crazy. I live by the motto, learn something new everyday, but grad school really put this to the test with the amount I have had to read / write. If you are nerdy like me and love academic journals on communication and higher education, I’m currently in the works of getting one published so comment if you are interested!

Regardless, summer is on the horizon, and living at the beach, I feel even more inclined to share my favorite beach accessories for summer ’18:

Woven Hat & Tote

I don’t care what’s anyone says, floppy hats are out and woven hats, well really woven everything, is in. Cute, casual, fun, what more could you want in a beach day?


Body Wrap

Shout out to my trend plug, Ray Ray Bivens for always informing me on what’s up. Search Turkish Towels on Amazon… I mean, yes.


Amazon $23.99


Always have to include a wellness product. I care so much about my skin, but living at the beach, I’ll never stay out of the sun… I know, it’s the worst. BUT this sunscreen setting spray and hydration spray are live savers for all my sun soakers!



I hate going to the beach without D because I am never going to drag a Yeti down to the beach… it’s not gonna happen. So, I invested in this cute little Scout Cooler that is perfect for me! Holds a six pack of drinks and is so light weight – perfect for a girls day!


Amazon $25.99


you can’t go to the beach without some tunes. Has anyone ever used a solo cup as a speaker because same? My dad has this Bose Speaker and D just got one from the Verizon store, both perfect to throw in your beach bag!


Backpack Beach Chair

I actually got this as a gift when I first left for college and it is the perfect thing for a single or girls beach day aka you don’t have boys to carry the heavy stuff. It’s a chair… that’s a backpack… I mean…


Target $30.00


Might be a given… BUT here’s the catch. I’ve lost and had stolen / got sucked up by the ocean a million pairs of sunglasses. How big of a pain is it to lose a nice pair of Ray Bans or Quays? Invest in the cheap ones, and while you’re at it, be trendy! White is always popular after Easter, but this year, it’s bleeding into the accessories!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.33.36 PM

Amazon $9.99

A Good Pair of Shorts

I know, it sounds silly, but you’d be surprised how a good pair of high waisted shorts can prepare you for anything – dinner after the beach, going out to the beach bars, bike rides on the shore, whatever! If you watch my videos, you know I just recently got a pair of high waisted mom shorts from Cotton On that I’m obsessed with to throw, literally over anything!

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 9.37.01 PM

Urban Outfitters $49.00

In addition to a good book, that’s it!Should I start linking my favorite books at the end of each post? If you enjoyed this article or have any necessary beach accessories, I’d love to hear from you! This week is the LAST WEEK OF FINALS so I probably won’t have another post up until after, unless you are keeping up with my YouTube Volgs, in that case, click HERE!

Be confidently you,



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