My 2018 Word of The Year

Happy hump day – I think this is the most Monday-Friday I’ve ever experienced because… finals.

I cannot complain too much though because I truly have been so blessed this year. I swear, I’ve felt it to my core that 2018 is MY year. Fours days ago I received an opportunity to have my college paid for in FULL and I’ve been over the moon since! I went into this year with a path in mind that ultimately fell through and at the time, devastated me. But as they say, when one door closes, another opens. In light of my setback, I have this new experience ahead of me to remind us all that we’re on a path and that path is based on our very best interest and living our best lives.

I had a completely different schedule of posts for the week, but in honor of this exciting new twist, I wanted to talk about something I’ve been putting off: my 2018 word of the year. Why was I avoiding this? 1. I feel like I am still learning so much about blogging and this industry that I am not necessarily qualified to give out bold advice on how to live a valuable life, what feels like, zero foundation and 2. I try not to limit myself because, let’s be honest, I break almost every rule I make.

Regardless, I have given myself the first quarter of the year to test this method out before screaming it from the rooftops (I go by Q1-4 because I also work a 9-5 job lol #sorrynotsorry). Mainly to see if I could, not only do it, but apply it, and surprisingly, I’ve found myself relying on this tactic more than I ever thought. If you read my post all about 2018 goals, you can see where my head was initially, because for me, making this into one narrowed way of living was important if I wanted to truly live more intentional. Instead of carrying around a long list of goals and attempting to memorize them all to apply throughout my day, I summarized my annual destination into one word: present.

I’ve struggled trying to be the jack of all trades, the person that can do it all. For the most part, people thought I succeeded because from an external stand point, I had. I’d sacrifice the most important things in life to keep my diligent and responsible reputation until I had a complete quarter-life crisis (sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, right?). I finally asked myself, why? Why was I putting this internal pressure on myself? Why did it matter that I did all things for every person at every hour of the day?

I found myself doing multiple things at 65% instead of fewer things at my very best. I was focusing on quantity over quality and I found over time, I looked back and had nothing to show. What was I spending my time on that made me so busy? Was I even paying attention to the things I claimed to “value”? I had so much on my mind, so much to do, always on my phone / computer or crossing off tasks in my mental check-list, I was in so many place mentally, I actually removed myself emotionally.

Maybe you are in the same boat running ninety-to-nothing, but to me, I was slowly losing my quality of life. I never took time for myself, to breathe and smell the roses, I could never calm my mind, and my favorite things and people took a back burner to monotonous tasks that really got me nowhere I wanted to be. I found I was doing “everything”, but missing everything that mattered. Everything was urgent because I made everything a priority causing internal stress from an imaginary list of goals I could neither accomplish nor needed to. I am sure you are reading this seeing clearly how bizarre this behavior was, and I’m with you!

This year I made a stance for the things I love, the people I care about and overall, for loving myself. To do better and be better. To be more intentional with what I commit to and when I do, committing my undivided attention. More importantly, being present in everything I do, every conversation I have, and when I dedicate my time, it’s because it makes me happy or it works towards an ending goal that makes me happy. Especially when it comes to the people in my life, really working on maintaining, building, growing and truly taking ownership over my relationships with my friends and family. If it is school, I am only doing school, when I shut down my brain at night, I’m off my phone, when my sister calls or my neighbor stops by, I’m there, fully. Being present in every aspect of my life is more than a word, but becoming the best version of myself – happier, healthier and more intentional.

That’s it! I know this is not a typical bullet point, premium content post, but just more of something I wanted to share with ya’ll about me and where I plan to go throughout this year. If you could summarize your annual goals into one word, what would it be? Why is that word important to you? How would you live it out?

*Ironic story: D just called me yesterday morning to show me a Christian podcast all about doing things that make you happy and I’m pretty pumped to start it. I figured it went right along with this message so I’ll share the link >>> HERE!

ALSO, I debuted this in my last post, but I am officially doing weekend vlogs and am LOVING IT. If you want to check it out, my newest one is linked >>> HERE! I touch on this a little bit too with four tips to start your day with more intention. If you like this post or my up and coming channel, I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,



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