Top Five Wellness Purchases of March 2018

Happy happy Monday! How was your weekend??

I’ve spent the past three days in the mountains of Gatlinburg and had a BLAST! We explored, went moonshine / whiskey tasting down the strip, and brought the last three weeks of the semester to a close with some of my best friends.

Also, if I didn’t have enough on my plate lol, I’ve taken up a new hobby that I hope will be a little more constant for you all – vlogging! I am brand spankin’ new to this so if you have any tips / advice for a newby, or ideas of thing’s you’d want to see, I’d love some input! I hope this makes you laugh (in a good way lol) and get a little glimpse into all the fun we had this weekend >>> HERE!

Okay, on to the goodies, my March obsessions:

Cellulite Oil / Roller

I mean, Khloe Kardashian uses this, soooo. But really, this oil and roller are great. No, it’s not a miracle juice that made me have model legs, but I have been using this every time I get out of the shower and I have noticed a difference! It’s a marathon, not a sprint, ya know? Plus, I am obsessed with all things essential oils so this product is right up my ally!

Magnetic Screen Door

This door screen actually cracks me up. So me and D joke around about my 2017 list of regret purchases AKA a list of things I had an opportunity to buy and backed out of last year, causing me to regret it haha. It honestly is the most random list out there, but this mesh doorway was on it. I found it randomly at a Kroger in Alabama for ten dollars and should have taken advantage of the steal (still salty). BUT even though I had to buy it on Amazon for double the price, I can say it has definitely come in handy with the spring weather. I love keeping my doors open during the day and letting the breeze come in without the pollen and bugs that usually follow!


Amazon $19.99

Sleep Mask

If there is one thing I CANNOT, WILL NOT, I CAN’T AND I SHAN’T live without, it is this mask. It is the most perfect invention out there and as much as I love sleep, I am knocking myself for not thinking of it first. I have always used a sleep mask, but here is the difference:

  • It is a blackout mask meaning it perfectly forms around your face and lets LITERALLY zero light in.
  • It does not lose its shape and is made with high quality materials.
  • It has a 3D contour shape. Yes, you look like a bug and this mask might look like a bra, but your eye lashes / makeup will thank you.
  • Includes ear plugs!

Amazon $6.99

Book: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

I’ve been on a big reading kick lately and this is my flavor or my month! Maxwell is a phenominal writer and if you love inspirational / motivational / personal growth books like me, add this to your Amazon cart!


Amazon $10.48

Tongue Scraper

This is really weird, so bare with me. I’ve been listening to Sahara Rose’s podcast and doing a ton of research on Ayurveda lately, and am loving it. One of the thing’s she recommends in a tongue scraper to really dig deep in cleaning off bacteria from your tongue. I’ve always been a clean freak, and this is taking it to the next level in all my favorite ways!


Amazon $11.99

And, because I can never follow my own rules, I have a BONUS for my locals…

Body Scrub

If you’re in the Pensacola area, this is for you. I love the Palafox Market so much, not only because everything is unique and fresh, but local! A few weeks ago I found a sea salt body scrub by Beach Bird Botanicals and if this smell doesn’t get you excited for summer, I don’t know what will!

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 9.44.33 PM $11

That’s it! Wellness products I’m currently obsessing over, what’s new? If there’s any hidden gems you can’t live without, I’d love to hear from ya!

Be confidently you,



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