Top Five Wellness Purchases of February 2018

Happy happy Monday and first off, HELLO!

Whhhew, spring break has gone and past. If anyone else was on spring break, I hope it was a great one! Mine could not have come at a better time and with better company. I got six whole days off work and a week off from school, beautiful weather at the beach and almost a week with my little sis! Also, if you kept up with us on insta stories, I added two new highlights for all my locals! *wink wink I have something in store for Wednesday!

Before I get going, I wanted to give you all a disclaimer: I do not get paid for this, I am not a partner with any brands, and I purchase all these products for full price. I am just a college student obsessed with skin care / better living and sharing the love of things that work for me. SOOOO I genuinely like to take a sec to buy these, try these, see if they work and review for you all!

If you can’t tell, I am LOVING this journey of a better, more beautiful life. Ya’ll, its 2018 and SKIN (and healthy habits) IS IN! With that being said, here are five more products that I am LIVING for and I’d love to hear your opinions, recommendations, or personal reviews!

Face Lotion

This is a product I can’t take credit for. My little sister was the one that introduced me to this game changing lotion. My whole life, I thought I had oily skin. I genuinely hated using face moisturizer because it only made things worse, on top of causing acne. I hated the feeling of being slimy during the day or first thing in the morning after using it at night. Over the past six months I’ve done a lot better with finding natural, successful products and this has been one brand I can’t get away from.

Origins is a brand that infuses essential oil’s, obvi I’m already sold, but even better, it is a matte lotion! I literally had no idea this type of lotion existed. In the process of using this product, I also realized the only reason I thought I had oily skin was because of lack of moisture and dehydration lol. It’s seriously the best lotion I’ve ever used and I will never go back. Period.

Bonus, they have a cucumber under eye cream which I’ve been using as well and it smells and feels fantastic! Also, they have a TON of stuff on their site I’m looking forward to trying so stay tuned!


Origins Skins $34.00

Face Wash

Shout out to the skinny confidential blog for this one! Again with the natural products, I have always been a big Burt’s Bees fans because I am a Chapstick-aholic! I had no idea their skincare line was so phenomenal. I ordered their oil based face wash and I’m not gonna lie, I was super nervous.

Like I mentioned earlier, I swore I had oily skin and putting oil on my face to clean it made zero sense to me. After reading the reviews and hearing people talk nonstop about it, I figured it was worth a try, especially using this new matte face lotion along with it. Now I take additional steps when taking off my make up because I don’t think this product is harsh enough, but y’all… my skin has never felt smoother!


Amazon $18.00


Jokes on D here. I got him this massager for Valentines Day and it accidentally, on purpose, never left my house – oops! He is almost as obsessed with wellness knick knacks as I am and I, surprisingly, found this on Amazon’s best choices for Valentine’s Day presents, how easy! Lets just say this massager is better than the massage chairs at the nail place, heats up and a has an ajustable strap to attach to just about any chair. Do I need to say more?


Amazon $39.95

Hand Soap

If you read my last wellness purchases post, you probably remember my home-made bed spray. Well, the whole idea of that scent came from this hand soap and the second I ran out of my random soap, this was next on the list to snag! Love the scent and who can complain with more stress-relief in their house? Not me.


Amazon $13.49


Last but not least, more kitchen products, literally my favorite! AND again with the Valentine’s Day gifts! D got me this because I’ve been talking about it for like a year and I could not be happier with this handy tool in my life. Still getting used to zoodle recipes (D gets mad I call it a zoodler and not a spiralizer haha) because I am slowly weening off all my comfort food.

Side note: If anyone is curious, I am starting F-Factor and reading THIS book along with it, so if you have any opinion or personal experiences, PLEASE get in touch with me!


Amazon $19.98

Anyhooo, I am hoping to do a post later on this spring on recipes for all my kitchen products I’ve purchased. If you are interested or have any ideas, again, I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,


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