7 Day Walk, Applying to Real Time

Happy Monday everyone! I have been working this past month on being more consistent with my posting. I think I’m going to stick with Monday and Wednesdays as of right now, what do you think?

Anyways, staying on topic, I wanted to follow up with my Winter Youth Summit post. It was defiantly a mouth full and I felt like it needed to be brought back into the spot light. I’ve noticed a lot with similar challenges and plans that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Applying long lists of vague tasks is actually more challenging when trying to fit it into your daily life / routine. With that being said, I worked diligently on finding the best ways to apply this to mine. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. Three weeks ago today, I started my 7 day challenge from Winter Youth Summit and I’m here to share how I truly made this my own!

If you have not read my previous post yet, I’ll link it HERE! 

Monday: Open the word.

For me, the Bible is so intimidating and honestly this was one of my most challenging days because 1. Mondays are always so hectic for me and 2. I have NO clue where to even start. Luckily Pinterest is the best and I found these five plans that I have grown to love very quickly (at the bottom of this post). I decided against the study guide in my bible itself because I wanted to be able to relate this as much to real life and what I was going through at that time without feeling like I was just reading to do it, ya know? I am staying away from making this feel like a homework assignment as much as possible.

Tuesday: Pray simple, regular prayers.

I have LOVED keeping a prayer list. I try to find the most regular prayers to pray and I keep a mental note throughout the day. This has helped tremendously with my attitude in circumstantial situation. Someone cuts me off? I pray. Someone snaps at me? I pray. Someone looks like they are having a bad day, I pray!

Wednesday: Give a kind word to a friend.

I have a made this a game for myself almost. Scrolling through my phone and picking someone I get to remind that they are loved. I pick someone different every week, maybe someone I’ve noticed has been down or was let down the previous week and send them a quick text letting them know I’m thinking about them!

Thursday: Update someone on your life.

For me, this has been with my family. I am very close to them and we talk at least every other day, but I have noticed that our conversations have grown stale. We call to check up, but we never REALLY talk, genuinely curious about how the other is doing. It has almost become so much of a habit, we just do it, to do it. I have made an effort to be more present with my conversations and relationships, my 2018 word of the year. (post on this pending)

Friday: Look back. Did you, at any point during the week, point someone to Jesus?

One of my favorite reflections. Surprisingly, me sharing these stories, numerous people have reached out to me about them. Although analytics wise, faith posts are my least popular, I’m going to keep going strong. Even if two people read them, I feel they make more of an impact than anything else I talk about.

Saturday: Choose your own adventure.

So, instead of physically memorizing, studying or serving, I made this more about my mental and emotional healing. And I have noticed a significant change in the past weeks with my positivity and relationships because of it. One of my biggest setback, I feel, is my ability to forgive. I tend to be a grudge-holder. The past three weeks, I’ve called someone that I needed to forgive. Again, being present with the people I still have in my life even if I haven’t agreed with every decision they’ve made.

Sunday: Listen intently and worship passionately.

I love to live stream church and I am slowly dragging my friends towards this as well. I already love Sundays, but I have made an effort to not only live stream with my bible and notebook, but I invite friends! Nothing is better than being in a robe with tea, breakfast, church and the people I love most. Maybe I can eventually get more people to come and have a small bible study after? I like to listen to what the pastor is saying while taking notes (listening intently) but worshiping passionately by having conversations with others about the Bible – something I’ve wanted with friends for SO LONG.

That’s it! Practicing what I preach and sharing how I am truly applying to this my day-to-day life! Have you tried this weekly challenge? If so, how are you applying it? Also, I am thinking about upgrading my site. Any suggestions or tips of the best ways to go about this? I’d love to hear from ya!

Be confidently you,




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