My Top Five Wellness Purchases of January 2018

Did I not promise that 2018 was going to be jam-packed with wellness / skincare / healthy habit research?? I’ll admit, I’ve had a little too much fun reading up on methods and products as well as trying them all out. Amazon was already my best friend, but it has quickly become my saving grace. If you too are interested in diving deep into everything wellness, hopefully I can be of assistance! I have been a little Amazon happy this month, but with that, comes awesome product reviews!

Ice Roller

I could talk about this product for days. Y’all, its life changing and I will forever stand by this little icy device! I originally heard about it from another blogger who had double jaw surgery and since then, has preached up and down about the benefits of lymphatic drainage. She’s definitely been one of my biggest inspos on learning more about skin care, and I promise you I’m taking this mission seriously! When doing my research on skin care regimes, this was the top of my list to try. This roller is super affordable and so easy to use. Every morning and night after I wash my face, I run to the freezer and roll my skin for about three to five minutes. Not only does it feel fantastic, it works as cold massage theory and has a ton of benefits:

  • Energizes skin
  • Reduces morning puffiness (or hangover puffiness)
  • Reduces redness
  • Lifts skin
  • Soothes inflammation (especially if you have acne like me)
  • Shrinks pores
  • And of course, activates lymphatic drainage, all of which reduce the look of fatigue, puffiness, redness, and irritation

How and when to use it?

An ice roller is incredibly easy to use and can be kept in your freezer, always ready to go. You can use it in the morning to energize your skin, roll it around your eyes, cheeks and jaw line to reduce any puffiness from overnight. If during the day you experience a pimple or breakout, roll to soothe inflammation and take down redness.

You can also use your roller before bed after a long day. Throughout the day, you can accumulate a lot of tension, or puffiness that can easily be relieved with cold therapy. Roll over the neck and shoulders to relax and help you sleep. I use this every day for general skin care but you can also use it after any facial waxing, for sunburns, for fatigue or puffy skin, sore muscles, breakouts or allergies. I could honestly do a whole post about this, but I’ll leave it here because lucky for you, I have more to talk about!


Amazon $11.99

Immersion Blender

This was by far an impulse buy. It was on sale at Target and I really only bought it because I saw a family friend use it and it was so stinkin’ cool… AND later found it super useful with all my new recipes! Y’all, she made homemade mayonnaise…. WHAT? If you see someone make homemade mayo you have to copy them, right??? So, not only am I going to tell you why I love this devise, but I’m going to throw in a little recipe for ya, you’re welcome!

So far, I’ve found this handy tool can be used on soups, homemade mashed potatoes and sauces… pretty much anything you need to purée. If you have one already, would you be interested in a few immersion blender recipes??


Amazon  $24.95

Homemade Mayo: Shout out my family friend, Joanne Grigsby!

  • 1 cup avocado oil (you can use olive oil instead)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp dry mustard
  • 1 egg (room temp)
  • 2 T apple cider vinegar

Put everything, but the oil in the jar. Turn your immersion blender on and add the oil.

*Two important things to remember! Make sure the egg is room temperature and when you pour the oil in, do it super slowly! Drizzle it in there. If you don’t, it won’t get thick – I’ve messed it up a couple times pouring it in too fast!

Acupressure Pillow

Not gonna lie, I was extremely skeptical of this pillow mainly because I am a baby when it comes to pain, but here’s the thing. I put in the work when it came to research on this and would never ever talk about something I did not see results from / even like. With that being said, this pillow has done wonders for my shoulder, neck and upper back pain!

An acupressure pillow is a natural pain reliever that completely changes the way your nerves react. This pillow is designed for maximum effect and comfort, and stimulate the right points for the most effective relief. The pillow uses the principles of acupressure to stimulate nerves and acupressure points in the neck and upper head area. It stimulates the release of your body’s own pain-relieving hormones – endorphins and oxytocin, and also increased the flow of blood and oxygen to the area treated. This increase in blood circulation and acupressure point stimulation results in the relaxation of the muscles in the neck, shoulders and upper back and usually a significant decrease in pain – whether chronic pain or temporary pain.


  • Increases blood circulation
  • Improves sleep and helps with insomnia
  • relieves stress
  • relaxes mind and body
  • oxygenates body
  • headache and migraine relief
  • relieves neck and back pain
  • reduces anxiety and depression levels by stimulating endorphins
  • relieves muscle and shoulder tension
  • relieves heartburn and inflammation
  • reduces Sciatica pain
  • gives relief in sinus congestion and nasal problems
  • beneficial with diabetes
  • helps maintain allergies
  • reduces constipation and indigestion problems
  • re-energizes  body
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Recovers muscles after workouts
  • Aids with fibromyalgia and myofascial

How to use it?

Simply place the pillow under your neck when lying down with the points directly on your bare skin for 10-30 minutes. The initial sensation may take about 5 minutes to get used to, and is generally followed by a pleasant warm sensation and deep relaxation. I have used it when reading in bed before I go to sleep and the entire experience is relaxing and therapeutic! ALSO, drink a lot of water while and after being on the pillow! Again, I am still a newbie when it comes to this, but for even more benefits and a full body experience, I have heard the mat does wonders!


Amazon $11.99

Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner

Keeping on the skin care train, Mario Badescu is one of my favorite brands. If you read my Rodan and Fields post, you know I do not have sensitive skin at all, so products that are a little more “intense” are good with me! This toner is one of them. It has improved the texture of my face TREMENDOUSLY and has helped a ton with acne as well! Also, if you have never used a toner, get ready for a life time commitment. You think washing your face removes all the gunk from your skin, you are so wrong.


Amazon $15.00

Stress Release Armona Therapy Bed Spray

So this was a DIY project, but has been SO beneficial! The “purchase” here was the little spray bottle, itself. My Boss is huge on aroma therapy, so I get a lot of inspo from her hacks in our office. One of them is this stress release spray! I personally use it all over my house, especially on my bed before I go to sleep!


  • Fill bottle with water
  • Add equal parts spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils (about five-ten drops each)

Amazon $3.25 + Essential Oils

That’s it! My favorite wellness purchases of January 2018! What purchases have you made this year to better your overall wellness? Have any recommendations for February? I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,



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