How To Nail Your Next Travel Style

I’m back from Orlando and what an experience! Fingers crossed, I have good news to share soon! If there’s one thing in college I’ve experienced in abundance, it’s flying. From personal travel, conferences / institutes and now interviews, I have gotten my fair share of airport familiarity, and more importantly, figuring out the necessities. Who else struggles with the pull and tug of being cozy v fashionable when traveling?? Being comfortable enough to survive earlier flights, drawn out layovers, and weather changes, but stylish enough to not terrify your Uber driver lol. Regardless, here are my tips and tricks on nailing your next travel style!

Keep it classic

Comfortability is key. During your travel, focus on the basics. I stick with neutrals (when do I not?), flowy shirts, and most importantly, comfortable pants! There is nothing worse than sitting in a teeny-tiny airplane with skin tight jeans.

Flats, always

Travelling often involves a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes. I love heals just as much as the next girl, but not while running through the airport. I try to stick with chic flats (peep my current favorites HERE) or tennies.

Extra layers

Even if it’s warm, which it normally is in Florida, it’s always a good idea to bring an extra layer. Use it as a blanket on your flight or at your next destination / layover which most likely will be a different climate. I usually stick with a flannel, denim jacket or sweater.

Book / headphones

If I haven’t told you enough… still in school, still broke. There is no way I am paying for WIFI on a 45 minute flight to ATL. Normally I read on my IPad, but for flights, I blow the dust off a good old hard copy. Also, I always bring head phones for two reasons: 1. in case I actually want to listen to music. 2. In case someone tries to talk to me (especially on a 6AM flight), I need to look preoccupied haha.


You’re most likely not wearing make-up while running around airports, at least I’m not, so use some dark shades to hide your eyes. Also, good for sleeping on planes!

Beauty Essentials

Bring beauty essentials in your carry-on to freshen up throughout the day. I can’t fit every single beauty product in my carry-on obvi, so I try to stick with at least chap stick, hydration spray, lotion, eye drops, hand sanitizer, perfume and deodorant.

That’s it! Leave me some love either here, Facebook or insta – what is your MUST have when traveling? What elevates your look from fumphy to chic? I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,



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