Rodan + Fields Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and Serums

Happy Monday! Another busy week of 2018 under our belts! I am not going to lie, this whole blogging thing is A LOT harder than I expected. Not that I ever thought this would be easy, but it is very time consuming, so thank you all for baring with me. If anyone out there has any tips, I’d love some advice ha ha.

BUT to stay on topic, this past week I spent a good chunk of time with my friend who is also a Rodan and Fields Consultant, ya know, stepping up my skin care knowledge (knowledge is power, ya’ll) and I learned A TON! She also gave me some free samples to try out and I was extremely impressed (more in a sec!)

If you’ve never heard of Rodan and Fields, here are some fun facts:

  1. Rodan and Fields is the #1 skin care brand in the US!
  2. Rodan and Fields is 100% open with every ingredient list for every product
  3. Their two main ingredients are clinically proven to work; Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: a naturally occurring component in bodily tissue that fills up spaces between collagen fibers with water-binding and water-attracting properties AND SH-Oligopeptide-1: a protein that accelerates cellular proliferation and skin healing
  4. They are the original owners of Proactiv
  5. Rodan and Fields offers a 60 day, empty-bottle, money back guarantee with a 1% return rate
  6. You can see results after the first use!

I’ve known about Rodan and Fields for a while now, a bunch of my friends are actually huge advocates for the results, but honestly, until I started prioritizing skin care, I wasn’t very interested. A little background story, I struggled with acne, badddddd, growing up. I’ve tried just about everything out there. Back in high school, I finally got a skin care routine from my dermatologist that worked and I never really ventured out. Everything I’ve used over the past few years that got rid of my acne though, have been REALLY harsh and prescription only.

Being 23, I’ve finally been able to explore a little more because my acne was mostly hormonal / bacteria related (sorry if I’m grossing you out lol), so the super intense products are now more harming my skin rather than helping. Rodan and Fields was something I considered, but being in college (aka broke as a joke), I was never going to pay a ton of money for something I wasn’t sure would work for me. Luckily, I was able to try these, payment free, and I am high-key considering the investment!

Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

I have a weird love for exfoliation. I don’t have sensitive skin at all (R+F makes products for all skin types, but this specific paste is not intended for sensitive skin) so I love all kinds of scrubs, deep cleanses, etc. This paste is a high-glide, oil-free formula that promotes maximum gentle exfoliation and leaves your skin feeling so smooth. You are only supposed to use this occasionally (1-3 times per week) to improve skin tone and texture, so I did the maximum amount. After taking off my make-up, I massaged the paste, with a little water for a gentler exfoliation, directly on my face for about a minute.

I have always hated products that leave an oily feeling afterwards (like you never got the product fully washed off), but this was so different! It made my face tight, so soft and after ONLY THREE TIMES, I saw immediate results with my skin texture!


Retail $80.00

Redefine Intensive Renewing Serum

This serum was quickly made a headliner for my night time skin care routine. Since on this mission to better, healthier skin, I have been trying A LOT of products. My skin is already on the oilier side, which made me rightfully assume that if I slept with any kind of moisturizer / serum / hydration product on my face, I’d wake up oily and gross. R+F proved me wrong.

This serum felt SO GOOD on my skin, the night of and morning after. It not only firms and smooths, but revitalizes with Vitamin A – the closest thing you can get to prescription-strength Vitamin A without a prescription. Throughout the week, after cleansing, toning, and rolling my face, I applied this all over (also, a little goes a LONG way!) Immediately, my skin felt tight, so soft and I woke up glowing!


Retail $99.00

Redefine Lip Renewing Serum

This redefine lip serum is from the R+F Redefine line, for the appearance of lines, pores and loss of firmness. One thing that I love about R+F in general, is that everything has collagen in it! This lip serum replaced my chap stick all week (anyone that knows me will understand how dedicated I was to seeing true results because I am a chap stick PSYCHO and never give up my Burt’s Bees!)  This product is rich with peptides and vitamin E, and helps lips retain their natural moisture, visibly smooths lip texture and reduces the appearance of lip wrinkles!


Retail $56.00

And that’s a wrap! My review of R+F Micro-Dermabrasion Paste and Serum. Anyone else a fan? What is your favorite R+F product? I’d love to hear your take on why or why not you use them!

Be confidently you,


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