Winter Youth Summit: A 7 Day Plan to Start Your Walk with Christ

It’s been a quiet week on the blog due to a much needed trip home. Not only was I able to see my family, but I spent three days volunteering at a CBF youth conference, Winter Youth Summit! I had a blast at First Baptist Huntsville for a couple reasons:

  1. I got to go with Dave!
  2. I love more than anything working with students, especially high school students (hens my love for all things college orientation)
  3. When making my New Year’s Resolution post, I really wanted to put in my faith section a volunteer thing or an opportunity to work a faith based event. After putting some thought into it, I decided not to add it in because I honestly didn’t think I’d have the time – boy did God make me eat my words when this fell in my lap
  4. I got to meet SO MANY people from the North Alabama area that are not only awesome new friends, but role models in Christ that I will forever look up to
  5. I got GREAT content to share with you all!

The theme of WYS was Beyond: Immeasurably More, based on Ephesians 3:20, “Glory to God, who is able to do far beyond all we could ask or imagine by his power at work within us.”

First off, how fitting with the New Year and my Confident Woman Devotional. Anyone else reading it? Both the conference and my book have a central theme of putting faith into God that his plan for you is far beyond anything you could ever imagine, and with him, you will be filled with complete joy and contentment – rich in life!

So before I jump right in, I want to give a shout out to First Baptist Huntsville, CBF and Josh Griffin for this awesome guide and inspiration – they are the heart of this entire post. There was so much covered at the conference, I could honestly write an entire book, but I think this topic is something, myself, and a lot of people struggle with and also my favorite take-a-way from the weekend.

A 7 Day Plan to Start Your Walk with Christ

My walk with Christ has been everything but easy. My road was not smoothly paved, it was not straight and was not lit. My road was bumpy and jagged and dark, making it easy to wander off. I think this stemmed from two things: lack of knowledge and lack of direction. If you are anything like me, you are still eager, fascinated and in search of an opportunity to just get your foot in the door. Really dive deep into a real relationship with God. I think personal dedication and commitment, surrounding myself with Godly people, in addition to joining a great church has helped me excel leaps and bounds, but my walk is just getting started.

Ask yourself this question, can I dedicate one minute to God every single day? It sounds so silly… one whole minute. But over time, that one minute turns into five and turns into ten and slowly your walk will grow. Time with God becomes, not only an everyday custom, but incorporated throughout your entire day and in every situation. I am not only excited to share this, but try this, hopefully with you all! Josh Griffin, a CBF hired speaker and youth pastor, came up with this simple, yet effective weekly guide to building your relationship and bettering your walk with Christ. Here is the weekly schedule:

Monday: Open the word. Use this day as an opportunity to read the word of God. Have no idea where to start? Last year I got a study bible that has a ton of different options and paths to take when maneuvering through the bible, its great! You can also try a daily devotional, bible apps, etc.

Tuesday: Pray simple, regular prayers. By simple, regular prayers, I mean pray real prayers that break your normal patterns. Sometimes saying my prayers in the morning or at night become more of a habit than me actually speaking from my heart or attempting to talk to God. A way to help with this? Keep a prayer list throughout your week. Pray for specific situations, specific people, and day to day circumstances that are prevalent in your life or the life around you.

Wednesday: Give a kind word to a friend. You never know the difference you can make in someone’s life.

Thursday: Update someone on your life. Talk to someone who knows the real you. Sometimes talking to people that know your true self and understand your relationship with God can make you feel vulnerable or even shameful, but share it anyway. Shameful because we don’t feel worthy to proclaim the gospel, because our lives don’t match up with how we should be living, because we feel we don’t know enough, because our testimony isn’t dramatic enough, or because we feel embarrassed in the culture we live in – share it anyway.

One of my friends that recently attended Passion 2018, told me this story that moved mountains for me (if you want to watch the entire video, click HERE):

A girl, Christine, that lived in shame wanted to share Jesus with her friend Deb who, from the outside, had it all. Who was she, a loser that needed Jesus, one to tell someone who had it all, a winner, who didn’t need Jesus, about him? One day, Deb was gone for three days and was not heard from. When she returned, Deb embraced Christine with excitement. She had been at a rave for three days with no sleep, partying, and having the time of her life. Deb shouted to Christine in excitement, “I have never felt so much love, so much joy, so much peace! I wanted you you to feel the love and joy and peace so I saved you a peace of this Extecy tablet!” In that moment, Christine realized Deb loved her more than she loved Deb. Deb was more passionate about a drug than Christine was about Jesus. Love, joy and peace, the foundation of God was what she was missing.

Friday: Look back. Did you, at any point during the week, point someone to Jesus? Maybe it was something as simple as recommending your favorite devotional, texting someone a bible verse who needed encouragement or inviting someone to church or a bible study. One thing I found this weekend and throughout my life, is that so many people use this same excuse. “I would have come sooner, but I wasn’t invited.” This honestly, breaks my heart that people are losing the opportunity to connect with God because they feel unwelcome. You hold something so powerful, an invitation to share Jesus – don’t waste it.

Saturday: Choose your own adventure – bible memorization, bible study, service in your community, get creative!

Sunday: Listen intently and worship passionately. Whether you attend church, live stream service, attend a bible study, or have quiet time alone, use this day for growth. Open your heart and listen / look for the things God is trying to tell / show you in your life. Show gratitude and thankfulness through worshiping whole-heartedly.

Overall, these tips can be quick or lengthy and are easily tailored per individual, which is why I love them so much. The main take away here is in order to improve your walk and relationship with God, break tradition, shame and monotonous habits and transform!

That’s it! I challenge you today to start WITH ME! I try to give a new addition to my routine three weeks before I determine if it’s a pass or fail, so stayed tuned for the results. I hope this was helpful and practical, and if you decide to participate, I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,





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