2017 Reflection and 2018 Goal Settings

Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s already 2018? Like, WOAH. I hope you all enjoyed your New Year’s celebration whether that be out on the town or curled up with the ones you love most. I think my absolute favorite part of ringing in 2018, was the fact I was with some of the most important and impactful people in my life – I truly felt so blessed.

December was a great month, at least for me, to self-reflect. Anyone else reflect on their past year and set goals / resolutions for the upcoming year? My boyfriend thinks it’s so silly, but personally, I live and breathe the goal setting process: reflection, goal setting, analyzing, it all fascinates me.

Looking back on 2017, I can honestly say it was one of the best and happiest years I’ve ever had. Considering how much change and unknown this year has entailed (leaving my friends, graduation, job searching, grad school, etc.), it was surprising to me how smoothly it went – I give a lot of credit to my amazing friends, family and boyfriend for their unconditional love and support. To be honest, I had a really rough year towards the end of 2015 and into 2016 with the loss of an extremely important family member, a breakup, and an identity crisis. I felt so lost in every aspect of my life and set a goal, well really, went on a personal mission, of self-care.

2017 was all about personal happiness for me and realizing that success, a job, a boy, friends, etc. were additions to my happiness, not the source. I also set goals of being my authentic self, being a positive example and growing more with my faith – all I can be very proud of myself for, although I still have a long way to go!

Goal Setting

Now that you know a little bit more about me and where I come from making my 2018 goals, we can get to the good stuff I promised you in my post last week about, distressing after the holidays! First, I would like to add a disclaimer / nerd out for one second. I personally think goals that are not tangible or measurable are a waste of time and are really hard to “accomplish,” so everything I set is specific and measurable to the best of my ability.

What do I mean by measurable?

What I mean by measurable is that you can look back at your goals and define your success, whether that is based on the number of time you did something, how much weight you lost, how much money you spent, etc. It is based on a numeric system, therefore it’s not a pointless vague goal like, “get into shape.” In order to make a goal like, “get into shape,” measurable, consider questions like these:

  • What do I mean by this?
  • Is it defined by how much weight I lose?
  • Is it defined how the number of healthy meals I eat per week?
  • Is it defined by the number of times I go to the gym per week? etc.

So, if you read my last post, you already know the outline I am going to set. A few years back, one of my college professors told me this and it has stuck with me ever since. Before the New Year he sets four goals: a personal goal, a professional goal, a faith based goal, and a goal to try something new. This is what I am doing for 2018!

Personal Goals

Take care of myself. To tell the truth, sometimes I slack on the most BASIC ways to take care of myself; drinking enough water, exercising every or every other day, getting a good night sleep, letting go of the phone, getting my hair cut regularly, taking care of my skin (which leads me to point 2!), etc. so I am on a mission to make these basic things habits in order to later set bigger health goals.

Skin care! This has been something I’ve always been super interested in, but honestly, have no idea where to start. I not only want to learn more and have a skin care regimen, but be able to share a successful routine with you all!

Stop comparing myself to others. This is so hard because I feel so behind in life at 23 years old. Most everyone I know is either engaged, married, in their careers, have a house, etc. Even comparing myself to other bloggers, it seems everyone is more successful, a better writer, takes better pictures, while I am just getting started. And I’m like… still in school… still don’t know what’s going on… It’s fine, we will be fine haha. I want 2018 to be a year where I focus on myself and my life and realize that every person has a different path, so stop stressing!

Professional Goals

Put my whole heart and every second I have free into Confidently Taylored. Shout out to my 11 fans for sticking with me during this starting period – I promise there is SO MUCH MORE to come! How am I going to do this? Research, a lot. Read a lot. Write a lot. Develop my 2018 content calendar, look into YouTube and other platforms that work best for me and buy a dang camera haha!

Power through grad school like a champ by staying above a 3.0 and trying to apply what I learn in school to my everyday life as well as this blog – I want to have a professional side to this site where you can actually learn something beneficial to your career!

Develop a better work-school-life balance by becoming more organized, timely, motivated and waking up EARLY to actually get ish done!

Faith Based Goals

Whole-heartedly invest in God. Making my faith my VERY FIRST priority is something I have struggled with tremendously. Where am I starting? Reading! This includes reading my BRAND NEW devotional my sister got me for Christmas, The Confident Woman Devotional! I want to be able to be a good example for not only my family and friends, but you all when it comes to talking faith – unfortunately, I have never felt “qualified” for this role. 2018, I will feel qualified.

A Goal to Try Something New

Go to New York City! I’ve never been, always wanted to go.

And that’s a wrap! Have you spent time reflecting on your past year or setting goals for 2018? What are your focus points? Personal goals? Professional goals? Faith based goals?  Do you set a theme for your year? My favorite quote going into 2018 is this: “Entrepreneurs are the only people that work 80 hours a week, so they no longer have to work 40 hours a week” and it speaks volumes to me! Regardless, I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,



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