The Best Ways To Destress From The Holidays

Did anyone else blink and the holidays were gone?? For the past two months I’ve felt like I’ve been running around non-stop. From my birthday, Thanksgiving, grad school applications, finals, graduation, Christmas break and NOW New Years, YIKES! How on earth do you reel yourself back in from the crazy and into the reality that is 2018?

The holidays are by far my favorite time of year, but also the most exhausting / stressful. I’m around more people, spend more money, drink more, stay up later and completely disregard my daily routine. For me, it is important to re-center myself before kicking off the New Year.

Luckily, we have this weird blank week. It’s not the New Year yet, but Christmas is over (I am slightly in denial), so what do you do? travel? work? relax? Most everyone sets some sort of New Year’s goal of starting with a clear mind, feeling their absolute best, #newyearnewme. So why not use this “blank week” to do just that? The holidays are all about taking care of others, now it’s time to take care of yourself:


I cannot just sit. I wish I could just relax and do nothing all week, but it’s not in my blood. Instead, I just do one task! So instead of multi-tasking like I do on the daily, I completely wrap my mind around a single tasks, start to finish, in order to mentally recharge myself – trust me, it works!

Get some fresh air

Open the curtains or windows and let some natural light into your life! I love opening the windows, partially because it’s Florida and 60 degrees during December, but I also love taking time to go outside for a walk each day. A breathe of fresh air can defiantly clear your mind!

Thank you cards

This defiantly falls under one of my uni-tasks to complete. Maybe I was raised super old school, but my parents drilled in my head to write thank you cards for just about everything. I go a handful of places Christmas day and get gifts / Christmas cards from extended family, family friends, friend’s families, etc, so writing these suckers are 1. time consuming, but 2. extremely necessary in my opinion. This good old blank week is my time to shine!


Love catching up with a good book! This is something I’ve prioritized all week and a reason to head to bed early!

Catch up

Catch up on sleep, catch up on emails, catch up on laundry, catch up on Stranger Things. Whatever your cup of tea, catch up and finish those last minute things you either don’t want to drag into your new year of productivity, OR that will help you better yourself for the New Year! Catch up on taking care and time for yourself!


This week, I’ve put spring cleaning to shame. I have not only been cleaning my apartment top to bottom, but putting away Christmas decorations, unpacking gifts, opening mail, and replacing things like shower curtains, tooth brushes, makeup etc.

Goal setting

This post is currently in the works, so stay tuned, BUT, I will give you a little insight. One of my college professors told me this a while back and it has stuck with me ever since. Before the New Year he sets four goals (mine will be a little different, but following the same outline): a personal goal, a professional goal, a faith based goal, and a goal to try something new.


Is there anyone out there that actually stays within or under their holiday budget? If there is, props to you! This week I’ll be paying off all my bills and catching up financially so I can enter the New Year, debt free!

Loose the booze

Between the holiday parties, catching up with old friends, and being home in general, I swear I drink more during the holidays than I do all year. My replacement? hot tea! It’s not wine, but it will 1. make you feel better and 2. keep your immune system high as we come to an end on flu season!

Do you have any destress techniques for the holidays? What are you doing during this “blank week”? I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,




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