Holiday Inspo I Stole From My Parents

December is my absolute favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the music, and to be honest, I love how much I get to go home. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t quit feel like Christmas until I’m home with my family. It might be because I’m still in school and only live in an apartment, but for me, the Christmas spirit doesn’t fully kick in until I cross that state line. There’s something about Christmas in north Alabama that just makes me smile. As much as I love Florida, 75 degrees doesn’t cut it for Christmas time, haha!

As I get older too, my obsession for holiday decorating grows more and more. Since I have been putting more time, effort and money into everything the holidays entail, I’ve looked for inspiration on the best things to invest in. I’ve been wanting to do a holiday decor post all season, but it didn’t seem right until I got my apartment decorations to where I wanted them to be. Then, it hit me as I pulled up to my house! It makes way more sense to do a holiday inspo post instead of my own decorations (or lack of), and what better place to use than the place I love most!

I seriously love the way my parents decorate for two reasons. One, a lot of their decoration style is not completely changing the house, but adding to it. Which, in my opinion, is easier and practical. Two, it is so personal to our family and most everything has a story behind it. With that being said, here are my favorites that are A. affordable and B. pretty easy to do, enjoy!


I love the simplicity of these. We have them on every single window outside our house and I just love the contrast against the white walls and windows. We personally do not have them inside, but I’ve seen them in other homes and they look great just about anywhere!



Greenery is so big right now and I love how you can put it just about anywhere. My parents have these bundles all over the house, including the stairs!


Baby Trees

These are so cute and could honestly be done for pretty cheap. I love that they mix gold and silver (my guilty pleasure) and have various shapes and sizes throughout the house. Not one tree looks alike. I really like the decorations that match, but don’t match, if that makes sense, and because of that, this will be something I look for year round (after Christmas sales can’t come soon enough)!


Personalized Decor

Obviously this is pretty specific to my family, but making traditions is something every family can relate to. Since my little sister came into the world, our personalized frames were born! Every year they vary, not one single frame is alike, but that is my favorite part! They are a tradition and decoration in one!


Decorative Planters

Again, this is super easy, but elegant. Literally my step mom puts this together herself (she’s awesome) and it looks fantastic. These pots are used year round, but they change out the inside for each holiday. Greenery, pine cones, berries and a splash of silver and gold add that perfect Christmas touch!


Bowls of Christmas

First off, I had no idea what to call this haha, but I love the concept. They have this bowl year round on our living room table, and after decorating the tree, they throw the left over ornaments right in with everything else. So easy, but it looks great, right?

There it is! My easy holiday decoration inspo brought to you by Brian and Misty! BUT as always, was this useful? Where do you get your decoration inspiration from? Your family? friends? Pinterest? I’d love to hear from ya’ll!

Be confidently you,


SURPRISE! As a thank you for reading this post, here is our embarrassing annual Christmas photo with Santa!!!! Yes, this is Santa in the mall. This started when I was super little and made way more sense when we were all 10, but it’s gone on this long, why stop now??



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