Arrington Vineyards and the Wines You Need in Your Life

Earlier this fall I visited Arrington Vineyards, right outside of Nashville, TN. Ya’ll, this place was to die for. It was the perfect escape from reality for the weekend and made me feel like I jumped straight into “wine country!”

I have never been to a vineyard before, so this was an experience all on its own. I jokingly try to be a “win expert”, aka I just like drinking a lot of wine, so of course I needed to fit the part! This place was absolutely phenomenal – scenery, atmosphere, staff, and of course, the wine. This place is more than 25 aces, but relatively homey since everything on the property is so centralized. They have live music, wine tasting, private and non-private group events, a restaurant in addition to a food truck, and plenty of space to enjoy yourself. You are also able to rent out the venue for a party, wedding, whatever. I actually had a friend who booked it for her bachelorette party – how fun! I would highly recommend going if you are around the area and want to get a taste (literally) of the Nashville Wine Country! BEST PART too, this place is surprising really affordable. I went with expectations of spending an arm and a leg, but I was able to do everything I wanted, in addition to taking bottles home, without breaking the bank!

Okay, now to the goods! I did a basic fight at the bar. They give you two options: sit down at the bar and have someone explain to you, in depth, everything Arrington has to offer and about the wines you are tasting OR they will just pour the wines you want to taste, and you can take it on the go around the property. I chose to sit down because learning about wine was something I was interested in. The types of wine I tried were all over the place too. I do not discriminate when it comes to wine so I was open to everything from bitter reds to sweet whites to wine aged in brandy barrels. Also, Dave and I cheated the system and did different wines from each other so we could try everything on the menu haha. SO, with that being said, here are my favorite take home’s that I absolutely feel in love with and still order to this day:

Honeysuckle 2016

This was my favorite by far! I’ve never been a big mascot fan because it is usually super sweet, but this wine is TO DIE for and I’ve been obsessed ever since. It has aromas of pear, honeysuckle, golden raisins, candied pineapple and guava and is usually paired with creamy desserts and cheeses. This was by far the sweetest wine I tasted, but ya’ll, I fell in love. Literally, I look for honeysuckle wines at Publix probably once a week now and have never found anything that compares. It goes for $19.99 a bottle and worth every scent!


Symphony 2015

Symphony is a less sweet white wine with again, aromas of honeysuckle, pineapple, honey and nectarine, and a great mix of fresh and acidity. It is usually paired with roasted meats, turkey, spicy foods, and cheeses. This was a close second on my favorite white wines, but if you are only trying two, this is a great balance against the Honeysuckle 2016 because it is extremely crisp and refreshing. Runs for $16.99 a bottle.


Firefly Rosé 2016

Who doesn’t love a little #RoséAllDay? There hasn’t really been a rosé that I don’t love, but Arrington’s is top three for sure! This dry rosé has aromas of strawberries, watermelon, pomegranate, and green apple, YUM! Perfect blend of fresh sweetness and crisp sour! This wine is sold for $18.99 a bottle.


Encore – 10 Year Anniversary

The Encore wine is actually not sold online yet, but is always available at the Vineyard. This was David’s favorite, and despite my hesitation, I actually really enjoyed it. I will say, it is a very acquired taste because it is fortified with brandy and aged in American oak barrels for two whole years. It is a really complex wine with flavors of chocolate covered cherries and mocha, and it the strongest wine they sell. It is also a dessert wine and runs for $29.99 a bottle.


If you want to look at all the wines Arrington Vineyard sells, check them out HERE!

As always, I hope you enjoyed this post and were able to take something away if you are ever in the Nashville area. Have you ever been to a wine vineyard? Have you ever been to Arrington? If so, what is your favorite wine? How was your experience? If you’re interested, below I have all my pics from our adventure (still working on my selfie game haha don’t judge me!)

Be confidently you,






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