Under The Weather Home Remedies

If you are anything like me, you brag about your top of the line immune system and laugh at all your friends who get sick multiple times a year. I’d like to give credit to drinking good old tap water and never wearing shoes, even though I have no idea if that is the least bit logical or even makes sense. It honestly could be sheer luck, but I really do stay healthy 51 weeks of the year – leaving me one dreaded week of fighting every sickness I managed to dodge.

Growing up, my parents were never big medicine people. Especially my Nana, they had a home remedy for just about everything. Luckily, they worked and have stayed with me my whole life. If you follow me on social media, you know I was recently sick as a dog, which got me thinking – why not share with you these easy tricks I use to help you when you are under the weather?

Nana’s Tea

Looking back, this probably was not the best things to give us as kids, but I whole heartedly live by this quick mix haha. It brings me back to life overnight and very few times does this not do the trick. My Nana raised us on this and still to this day, I swear by it. It might sounds strange, especially if you do not like the taste of alcohol, but bear with me!

  • 8 oz glass of hot tea (preferably decaffeinated)
  • spoon full of honey
  • half squeezed lemon
  • shot of whiskey

Take it like a shot before you go to bed, and you will wake up a new person!

Vicks Overload

After throwing back my hot tea, I move on to the Vicks overload. Maybe this is a little outdated, but Vicks is my jam. Anyone else’s parents douse them in Vicks when they were kids?? Surely I cannot be the only one. Regardless, as a kid and still today, I will put Vicks on my chest, back, even the bottom of the feet to clear up any sinus problem I have – it’ll whip you back into shape! As I’ve grown older, I found even better additions, Vick’s shower bombs and Vicks rub with LAVENDER! If you have not used one of these, go to the store NOW, because they will change your life… and respiration issues.

Essential Oils

So it wasn’t until this year that I got hooked on these and they are life changing. For people that are not big on jumping straight to medicine, there really is an oil for just about anything! Here are my go-to’s:

  • Peppermint in the morning to wake me up
  • Lemon Grass or Basil when I am working for mental clarity, focus and balance
  • Thyme to cleanse your home during or after being sick
  • Cinnamon Bark for immune system support
  • Lavender at night to help me sleep (along with my globs of Vicks)

In addition to there being a billion oils, there are also a billion ways to use them. Personally, I have an oil diffuser in my house, I will rub it on my temples or behind my ears, or pour a baby drop into some tea. All three work for me! The neat part too, is that there are so many that are interchangeable with the ones I’ve listed, these are just my favorite! If you want to learn more, I use the Young Living brand of essential oils!

Do you have any home remedies you grew up with? Or even ones you recently discovered? What do you do when you are under the weather? I’d love to hear your feedback!

Be confidently you,



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