Baby Shower Essentials 

Baby showers are something I was not prepared for. Surprisingly, in my early twenties, I have no experience with baby showers. People all around me seem to be popping out babies left and right, but somehow, this still seemed so foreign to me. When my invitation arrived in the mail for my first legitimate baby shower, I immediately turned to my parents… and the internet. I definitely felt unprepared, sure, but I was also excited to learn more about them – baby shower etiquette, what to wear, what to bring, what to expect, etc. I am literally always looking for an excuse to learn something new, and here it was!

Within those short weeks leading up to my trip, I did some research, both online, visiting stores, and talking to people. From this, I was able to find my top three affordable, and trendy baby shower gifts!

For Health Conscious Moms

Fresh Food Feeder

Today, women are more health conscious with their decisions when expecting a baby. This gift was one of my favorites because it encourages healthy habits while being super simple and accessible! The baby shower I recently attended’s registry was very health conscious and heavily emphasized organic products and she loved this!

For Modern Moms

Boon Grass Stem and Twig Drying Bundle

I love Target, and they are really trendy when it comes to baby registries – this being a fan favorite. Not only is it fun and modern, but super convenient when washing itty bitty baby dishes. Pair this with a set of colorful baby spoons, and your gift is a guaranteed hit!

For Crafty Moms

Hospital Door Hanger

This is by far the most personal item if you are, or know someone who is, crafty! If you are close to the mom-to-be and have a good feel for her and her husband’s style – door hangers are the new hospital door trend! Knocking out the previous baby wreaths, door hangers a tailored, memorable gift that will last far beyond the babies first few weeks. The neat part is, you can buy these premade or DIY!

Update: the shower was beautiful and could not have been better! The food, decorations and arrangements were elegant, yet homey! NOTE: The decorations were small gifts from the hosting family (painting and cake above) which I thought was a really unique and personal touch!

Although I have VERY little experience in this category prior to my trip, I had a blast learning about the fun and particle gifts for new, expecting moms! Do you have a list of go-to baby gifts ideas? What are your experiences as a baby shower attendee? I’d love to hear from you!

Be confidently you,




Shop the look: HERE, or check out these outfit inspos below!



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